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Our services throughout Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories and we are specialized in air conditioning installation and design engineering. Our customer are included government, organizations, schools, offices, stores and residential.


Cleaning problem
1. Q: How long should the air conditioner be cleaned?
1. A: The air-conditioner getting more and more not cold enough because they are not cleaned well for it. Regardless of the window type or split type, it is best to inspect and clean the air filter every two months. As for some special examples, such as the air inlet alignment, we should clean more frequently, about once a month.

2. Q: What is the cleaning procedure?
2. Answer: Technician will turn on the tester to check whether the machine is working properly and then remove the cover, then use the high-pressure water gun to extend to the motor for washing. In the meantime, the technician will enclose the indoor with waterproof material to prevent the spilled water from splashing out.

3. Q: Is there have any maintenance period after cleaning?
A: Generally we will provide 1 month maintenance

Installation problems
1. Q: How to calculate the number of installed HP?
1. A: 1 hp per 9000 BTU and a cooling capacity of 100 BTU / hr per square foot are usually sufficient to provide a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU / hr for a 100-square-foot interior. Of course, you still need to consider other factors to decide the number of air-conditioners to be used. Please check with your technician for professional advice.

2. Q: What brand of air conditioning durable?
2. A: The average consumer in the market will choose famous brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Rasonic, General and so on. Daikin's origin is Thailand and Malaysia respectively. Thailand will be more expensive and the price of Malaysia's origin is relatively cheaper , But the performance is no different from the Thai origin; In addition, Panasonic and Rasonic is the same manufacturers, Rasonic is cheaper than Panasonic, but the quality is no different with Panasonic; Midea, Gree or Carrier are also another option of air conditioner.

3.Q: split type vs window-type air conditioners, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
3. A: Window-type air-conditioners, the most traditional type of air-conditioners, must be installed on the windowsill as the name implies. As for the split-type air conditioners popular in recent years, the compressors in the traditional air- Installed on the windowsill, and out of the air indoor unit can be installed in any other wall indoors.
Relatively, the window-type air conditioning installation, cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple, but because the compressor is not divided out, so even the most static shape will make a noisy.
In the case of split type air conditioners, noise can be greatly reduced as the compressor is spooled outdoors and is much quieter. However, split type air conditioners are generally more expensive in terms of selling price and installation costs, and are more complicated to repair than window air conditioners

Maintenance problems
1. Q: What is the reason why my air-conditioner indoor unit leaks?
1. A: Air-conditioning drip will leak due to the following situations, in case of leakage problems can contact the maintenance personnel on-site maintenance
      1. The installation of the indoor unit is not fixed and the displacement is caused. The fixing and fixing of the indoor unit is not fixed firmly and the displacement takes a long time. As a result, the position of the drain pipe is high and the drainage is difficult.
      2. Improper installation of the leveling position of the indoor unit: The leveling of the indoor unit is inclined, and the high position of the junction leads to the blocking of the dew condensation water.
      3. Poor drainage: due to aging drainage pipes loose or bent into a wave shape, resulting in poor drainage.
      4. Pipe dew condensation water: As the pipe insulation material quality is too poor or too thin, or not completely wrapped, when the tube through the refrigerant, causing condensation.
      5. leads to the outdoor drain was blocked or drain blocked by stolen goods, resulting in dew water can not be discharged.

2.Q: Remote control cannot control air conditioners
2. A: First check whether the remote control battery is dead, such as the battery can not operate after the controller may be bad or cold reception sensor failure, to be scheduled air-conditioning master to the scene to check the problem

3.Q Air-conditioning noise is loud
3. A: Please confirm whether the sound from air-conditioning; air-conditioning start or stop, the inner plastic parts due to temperature expansion and contraction of the sound is normal; internal and external fixed wall is solid; check whether the indoor and outdoor connecting pipe Fixed, and whether the collision with the outdoor unit or other objects; cold air start or stop, the system of snow before the balance will be issued a louder sound, is a normal phenomenon.

Other problems
1. Q: Why does the indoor unit smell?
1. A: The air conditioner absorbs the smell of a room, furniture or cigarette and is discharged during operation.

2. Q: air-cooled leaves have water droplets
2.A: Because the temperature difference between the air conditioner and the indoor air is too large, resulting in sweat, the first boot for a period of time there will be no more sweat

3. Q: Why air-conditioning white smoke?
3.A: When the indoor temperature and humidity is high, the air conditioner will blow out mist. This is caused by the water vapor in the air being cooled down. When the indoor temperature and humidity reduce the fog disappears. This is normal